Engineers Without Borders Monash Presents:
EWB Ideathon 2020

Research, Ideate, Validate and Present your solutions towards

Engineering Better Healthcare in Cambodia

EWB Monash’s Ideathon is a hackathon-style event where participants must engineer an appropriate solution to a design proposal addressing healthcare in Cambodia. Not only will this event teach rapid generation of appropriate solutions, but it will be jam packed with workshops, and give you the opportunity to interact with mentors and learn highly valued professional skills such as pitching, proposal development and resiliency under deadlines.
This year, our Ideathon case study will be focused around the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) sustainable design goal of health and wellbeing. We will be providing all the resources needed to tackle the case studies on the day and workshops to help understand and empathise.
The event will be held fully online from Saturday 26th September to Sunday 27th September and will be easily accessible over Zoom. So bring your friends and sign up as a group, or sign up as an individual and join a group of highly capable team mates!
Participating in Ideathon will go towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD)  hours!

Research, Ideate, Validate, Present

Race to create the best human centred solution

During the event, we will go through the 4 stages of Ideathon:

  1. Research
    Empathise with the people. Learn what they are facing, their challenges and what can be improved in the face of a global pandemic.
  2. Ideate
    Armed with the understanding of the situation, you will create hundreds of unique solutions to address the challenges.
  3. Validate
    Eliminate difficult to implement solutions, develop and flesh out validated solutions into a product.
  4. Present
    Showcase your ideas and solutions with a short 3 minute presentation. Create the most innovative product and win prizes!

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Early Bird Tickets

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Ticket Prices and Availability

All tickets: $5 / per particpant

General Admissions: Sold Out (Waiting list available)
*If ticket is sold out but your group member(s) has not purchase a ticket, please contact us at immediately to arrange ticket purchase


2020 Prizes

We are in the process of finalising the prizes for Ideathon 2020. Stay tuned!

1st Prize

  • $300 for the winning team
  • Ideathon 2020 Winner Certificate (Physical)
  • Mentoring session with Nathaniel Diong, CEO of  Future Minds Network
  • Mentoring session with James Metcalfe, an engineer with EWB

Runner up

  • Ideathon 2020 Runner Up Certificate (Physical)

Popular vote winner

  • Ideathon 2020 Most Popular Certificate (Physical)


  • Ideathon 2020 Participation Certificate (Digital)


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