Additional Info


We encourage all participants to arrive during registration so that they are able to have their tickets checked and ensure the consent form for recording during the day is signed before the event. Link can be found in the Event Resources section. We will also be beginning at 9 O’clock sharp, so please do not be late as it will mean you will miss some of the important announcements that will be made at the start of the day.


We will be uploading all our presentations on our Ideathon website. Do keep in mind that these presentation power points will be helpful resource to remind you of content given during the presentation and may not be helpful if you are not present for the workshop itself.

QnA Panels

After each session we will always pause for questions, however, do feel free to post up your questions on chat or unmute and ask if you feel comfortable at any time. The QnA panels are designed to allow any groups that wish to stay around and ask the mentors any questions, while allowing others to get started on their work.

Discussion time

This time is here to allow you to work on your deliverables as a team, endeavour to make progress and learn to apply the things you have learnt over the workshops. During this time we will also open the mentor queue list to allow teams to book a session with a committee member if they require help on human centred design principles, clarification on any points or any advice on where to start. Many discussion sessions will also have available industry mentors that can be booked to also give technical advice during the competition and they will all be listed under the mentor queue list under the respective sheet for the correct session.

Pitching Workshop

There will be a pitching workshop at the end of the day, that will be extremely beneficial for all groups no matter the experience pitching and public speaking. It is optional but highly recommended for all groups to attend, and will be held after closing of day one after ideation time, so please do not leave during discussion time if it can be avoided.


After Ideation at the end of day one, we will be prompting all groups to submit their list of ideas they have generated. If they need more time, groups do not need to submit at the end of the working day and may submit before the start of day two.

The presentation resources that plan to be used will need to be submitted before 2 O’clock. If any teams change alter their presentations between then and their allocated presentation slot they will be disqualified from winning.

Furthermore, presentation order is decided randomly and announced 2 teams in advance, so please do not leave during presentations, as if you miss your allocated slot we do not have time to allow you to present later.

Additionally, we will be livestreaming the presentations on our Facebook page, so invite any interested friends and family to attend. Again, we require your consent to be recorded and published before the event, so please fill out the google form.

There will be a marking rubric available for your perusal in the Event Resources section, and lists the criteria your idea and presentation will be marked on by the judging panel.

Day 2

Emergency Zoom link change, due to errors preventing us from using yesterday’s link: