Additional Resources

In addition to the Case Study Brief and the resources provided in the References Lists, below you can find useful resources to aid your research in the Discovery and Empathise phases. Some of these are primary research studies with insights and statistics sourced directly from rural Cambodia.

You may find it useful to focus you Asset and/or Journey Map on a specific village, area or province to be able to more easily identify individual, community, and environmental assets. A lot of the linked studies have been focused in rural villages in the Pursat Province.

Another great way to research and gain understanding is through videos! We’ve provided you some videos that will help you understand the aspects rural Cambodian life ranging from landscape, income-generation, community infrastructure and housing. You can enter simple searches into YouTube to find similar videos for other agriculture, housing and disability-related topics. We hope these resources will help you create your Asset and/or Journey maps before you begin ideating assistive technologies!

Developing participatory rural appraisal approaches with disabled people:

Situation Analysis for Disability-Inclusive Governance and Community Development in Cambodia:

Poverty Reduction and Development in Cambodia: Enabling Disabled People to Play a Role:

Communication Matters – Communication between persons with disabilities and local authorities in Cambodia:

We’ve also got a few YouTube video links to give them context

Cambodia || Rural life in Takeo:

Palm Sugar Collection and Making:

The basic stages of rice cultivation in Cambodia: