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What is a case competition?
This is a unique weekend experience that gives the opportunity for innovative and future thinkingstudents to work with like-minded people in creating solutions for a sustainable future. Teams will generate ideas, develop concepts with expert mentors and finally pitch to a panel of judge.

Why should an engineer participate in one?
Case competitions offer an opportunity for students to come together and learn from each other’s successes and failures. They also push you to move out of your comfort zone, as our brains become more focused, creative and driven in the face of optimal stress. Students will be innovating under time constraints, often encouraged to take initiative on tasks, experiencing different team dynamics. Youwill also earn how to pitch and idea and understand human-centred design.

I’m not an engineer, would I still benefit from attending the event?
Yes! Students of different backgrounds are encouraged to participate. You will have an edge equipped with cross-disciplinary knowledge, as you might shed light on new insights and perspectives.

What is the time commitment like? How long do they run?
Case competitions typically last 24-48 hours. The EWB Ideathon 2021 will be run over 2 days. Don’t underestimate what can be achieved within a short timeline!

How do you find hackathons? When are they on?
Hackathons run throughout the year. You can find the list of Hackathons held in Melbourne on, #HACKAUS, or UNIHACK.

What’s the best approach to forming a team?
There is a requirement of 3 to 5 members per team for this competition. The ideal team would be one that consists of members of diverse skills and different types of knowledge. There should be roles appointed to each member; appoint them according the strengths and weaknesses. Ensure that there is someone to delegate tasks to the team. Try communicate empathetically because it’s a stressful period! Seek to mediate and solve conflicts, and remind yourselves of the overarching goal!

How do you prepare for a case competition?
Read through the case study brief, sit down with the team and try to generate as many some elementary ideas. You will gain some advantage when you start as you’re more likely to consult with mentors ahead of other teams.

What’s the best way to network with the judging panel?
Come with a clear goal in mind and ask yourself, “Why do you want to meet this person?” Be intentional with the connections you forge. It’s also handy to have some relevant conversation starters prepared beforehand as it relieves some of the awkwardness that may arise in the exchange.

What are your top tips to deliver a great pitch?
Keep your presentation short and sweet – the more concise you are, the more effective it’ll
be. Spin it into a story to capture the audience’s attention.

Have you always been a confident public speaker?
Most people aren’t gifted in public speaking from day one – the more confident presenters take the opportunity to learn every chance they get. Seize the opportunity, put yourself out there and believe in what you say.

What have you gotten out of participating in hackathons in the past?
Personally, hackathons have taught me to overcome my limits to get things done in an extremely short timeframe, under usually less than ideal circumstances. They’ve been great for meeting new people and making long term friends, as well as reconnecting with others that you have not had the opportunity to catch up. Industry focused events like this are one of the best places to make career connections both with other students as well as mentors at a variety of different companies.