Deliverable Submissions

Day 1

The Ideation deliverable should be submitted before the start of day 2, teams can decide to submit it earlier or later as is most convenient.

You will have as much time over the two days as your team decides to work on your presentation, however any resources used during the presentation are to be submitted over a google forms attached in the Event Resources Section, before 14.00. Any submissions after this time will not be considered to ensure all teams have equal amount of time to work on their presentations.

Day 2

Please keep your pitch presentations to no more than three minutes in length. Teams will be given a one minute warning and then stopped strictly at the three minute thirty seconds mark! Judges will be giving all teams who go over the allotted 3 minutes a deduction in the final assessments. Additionally presentation resources, such as PowerPoint, must be submitted via google form to ensure fairness during competition for all teams.