The event is split into 4 major sections to aid you in building your final idea: Research, Ideation, Validation and Pitching. These sections will each have their own deliverables which will serve as a guide to what you should aim to achieve within the time frame. We will be asking teams to submit what they have for the Ideation and Pitching stage via google forms, as specified below:

1. Research – A page of research per participant, written to outline your discoveries on the topic, identifying key stake holders you will be designing for as well as information on the current state of the system you aim to improve.

We recommend you attach many links here so you can come back to them during the Ideation stage, even if you do not think it will be important initially.

2. Ideation * – A mind map / list of 20 different potential and possible ideas, built from the foundations of your previous discoveries on what your stakeholders want, as well as any potential improvements you foresee in any parts of the system.

These Ideas can be very rough, and do not need to be feasible – it is certainly the most high reaching ideas, that will serve as the foundation for your final solution.

3. Validation – A short summary of the key points of your idea, how it achieves the goals of your stake holders, is it feasible, sustainable, acceptable and overall appropriate.

Teams may want to validate a few of their best ideas, as they may find during the process that their initial assumptions were untrue and as a result the solution is not feasible. However, teams may not have adequate remaining time, so we encourage them to make use of the mentors that will be available throughout the two days.

4. Pitching * – a 3 minute elevator pitch designed to convince any stake holders that this idea will be highly successful. There will be up to 2 questions asked by a judging panel after the presentation, so do prepare to explain some of your key points in more detail.

Please do be aware that teams who go over time will be penalised, and immediately stopped if they go over by more than 30 seconds. Make sure that any points are clear for those with no prior technical knowledge – while also being concise enough to effectively convey all relevant points. 

* = Submission required: submission links listed in Event Resources section