Event Schedule

Note all events are run online via zoom. Zoom links will be distributed via the email you used to purchase the ticket.


8:30  –  Registration Open  
Sign in to the zoom session before 9.00AM
9:00 – Welcome
An introduction to the day and a welcome presentation by EWB.
9:30 – Team Building Exercises
Meet up with your team and get to know each other through some icebreaker activities.
9.45 – Introduction to Case Study
A short introduction to the case study and a review of the intro to HCD workshop
10:15 – How to Research Workshop by ICUR
In this workshop, two mentors from ICUR (International Conference for Undergraduate Research) will give you some tips on how to research the case study, to discover and empathise with the Cambodian people
10:45 – How to Research Q&A Panel with ICUR (Optional)
Take the chance to ask questions on how to research with mentors from ICUR
11:15 – Research!
Begin working in your teams to research your topic and start generating ideas.
13:45 – Workshop: Appropriate Technology
Learn about how we might design an appropriate technology solution, facilitated by App Tech Monash!
15:00 – Ideate!
Start your Ideation process! Create multiple solutions to the myriad of issues you researched. Mentors will be available to assist you in this process.
17:00 – Pitching Workshop 
An optional pitching workshop, learn how to construct a basic elevator pitch, how to engage an audience and how to effectively deliver or communicate an idea to a client. 
17:30 – End of Day One
Feel free to continue your discussions after hours. We will open a zoom discussion space overnight, or you can meet up with your teammates using your preferred methods.


8:30 – Registration
Re-sign in for day two
9:30- Welcome and Mentor Introduction
Meet your mentors for the day, and learn more about their experiences
9:45 – Mentor Consultations
Consult on a one-on-one session with our mentors to validate and screen your ideas
10:45 – Validate!
Validate and screen your product to make sure they are appropriate for your intended users. Also don’t forget to prepare for your final pitch!
13:45 – Judges Introduction
We will introduce the judging panel and their backgrounds.
14:00 – Ideas Presentation 
Present your final ideas in three minutes or less!
16:00 – EWB Sponsor Presentations
A short presentation on EWB and our sponsors while the judges deliberate on the final winners!
16:30 – Awards 
Congratulations to the winners for creating their impressive ideas and well thought out presentation
17:00 – End of Ideathon 2020
Thank you for attending the Ideathon 2020! We hope you learn some valuable lessons on Human Centred Design and Appropriate Technologies!