Health and wellbeing in Cambodia is a multifaceted and complex topic that cannot be dealt with simplistically. To assist you in your research, we have broken-down the major subtopics that are of particular concern to Cambodia as reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Global Health Security Index (GHSI). These subtopics can be categorised under the following major topics:

  1. Prevention
    1. Prevention of Diseases (Infectious and Non-communicable Diseases, Including Anti-Microbial Resistance and Zoonotic Diseases)
    2. Biosafety Hazards: Assisting Field Researchers and Protecting Local Communities
  2. Detection
    1. Early Detection, Real Time Surveillance and Reporting Epidemics
  3. Response
    1. Emergency Preparedness, Response Planning and Response Operation
    2. Risk Communication: Information Distribution, Use of Media, and Educating Local Communities
    3. Access to Communication Infrastructures Before, During and After an Emergency
  4. Healthcare
    1. Healthcare Access and Equipment Availability
    2. Distribution of Vaccines

Please note that the above subtopics are not an exhaustive list; they merely act as a starting point for your research. You are encouraged to come up with your own ideas, solutions and drawbacks that addresses the major topics and the Ideathon main topic: Health in Cambodia – Engineering a better healthcare.

We will provide you with a description of individual subtopics, along with problem examples related to them.

If you are a General Admission Ticket holder, you will gain access to these descriptions starting from September 14th. Keep an eye out on this website, or check out our Facebook event page to access these documents.

If you are an Early Bird Ticket holder, you will have access to these descriptions from September 7th. Please check Humanitix Virtual Event Hub, or your email to access these documents.