Human Centred Design Workshop

Intro to Human Centred Design: Research, Ideate, Validate (22nd of September)

Learn the basic principle of human centred design. Incorporate appropriate technologies in your ideas so that your solutions are applicable to the Cambodian people. *Note: Human centred design and appropriate technology is a major part of Ideathon. If you lack the necessary background, please attend the workshop, or watch it prior to attending the main event.

Thank you all for those who came to the workshop! We hope it provided useful knowledges not just for the Ideathon, but for your career in the future. If you missed it, you could watch the recording by pressing the button below

*Note: We apologise for the missing five minutes at the start of the recording.

We will also provide the recording on our Facebook event page as soon as possible.

You can also download the workshop slides below

Download Workshop Slides